You Have to Keep Production Going at Toyota!

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011.

A serious equipment failure occurred the day before Good Friday. Since Toyota’s chiller is on the production line, operating round-the-clock, downtime for repair or installation is never an option. Two out of the three compressors on the chiller were not functioning - a major problem since it was an essential component to their 24/7 operation. The new chiller had to be up and running by Sunday (Easter) night.

Since Toyota had previously scheduled a shutdown during the Good Friday/Easter holiday weekend, it was the perfect time for VASEY to replace the chiller.

VASEY flawlessly coordinated all the moving parts for a seamless installation. The moment the switch was turned off for the Easter weekend VASEY began work. VASEY had the project completed, up and running by Saturday – midday – more than 24-hours ahead of schedule. The plant manager was thrilled as he could now spend Easter Sunday with his family rather than working all day at the facility.

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