VASEY Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning - Building Automation Featuring Honeywell in IndianaVASEY can increase your operations efficiency and cost savings by employing building automation in your facilities. We partnered with industry leader Honeywell in delivering this service to you. Building automation uses energy-efficient systems, secure software, and hybrid management tools that can even be accessed via mobile device.

VASEY can install Enterprise Building Integrator™ (EBI), a system that integrates multiple functions to increase the performance of your facilities. We streamline operations with the use of open technology to give you both flexibility and control over your building’s systems.

Smart Buildings Running Seamlessly

VASEY can install a Honeywell building automation program that allows you to have one access point for all your building, security, fire, and energy solutions. You will have a single platform that allows you to automatically monitor and control different areas of your facilities. With operations running efficiently, you can expect an increase in productivity. This solution also gives your building intelligent decision-making capabilities that can make adjustments in energy consumption, alert you to possible threats, protect you from environmental hazards, and more.

Increase in Safety and Security

Building automation is a great complement to human intervention. VASEY installs Honeywell systems that will make your tenants feel secure through its automated safety features. You will also have strategic control of your building while reducing risk. By having these advanced security systems in place, your security team can perform their duties more effectively.

Building Longevity

Your facilities will have an extended life cycle with building automation. It will also improve your ROI in conjunction with the life span of your building. The system also regulates energy use while keeping operations performing efficiently. It allows for peak performance within the facility without wearing out critical components thus increasing building longevity.

Operations Integration

VASEY can integrate the different systems you use in your building using Honeywell’s Enterprise Building Integration. Even if you’re using third-party programs, this system can tie it all together, creating operational synergies and improving business outcomes. It allows you to access your building management platform online through mobile devices backed by Honeywell’s global service and applications professionals. Best of all, it’s scalable and customizable to meet your facility requirements.

Building automation optimizes facility performance and functionality. VASEY can help you sustain operations at a high level while maintaining a safe, productive, and energy-efficient environment.

VASEY installs and services all Honeywell commercial building automation equipment throughout Indiana in Kokomo, Bloomington, Terre Haute, Columbus, Richmond, Lafayette, Muncie, Indianapolis, Anderson, Plainfield, Carmel and Fishers.

If you have questions about your building automation needs, please complete the short form below or contact VASEY today at (317) 873-2512 to learn more.