VASEY Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning - Liebert Server Room Cooling in IndianaVASEY knows the importance of protecting valuable data. We know that server rooms are highly sensitive and should be checked regularly. We perform maintenance on all Liebert precision cooling systems that are used in IT rooms and data centers. Since preventive maintenance is at the core of our business, we make sure that your computer rooms are protected from heat, dust, humidity, and other environmental factors that can compromise your electronic equipment. Liebert, a subsidiary of Emerson Network Power, is the world's leading brand in precision cooling, UPS, racks, power management, surge protection and monitoring software.

Performance Management

VASEY thoroughly evaluates your computer rooms and gives a comprehensive assessment of the cooling requirements that will optimize the performance of your electronic components. Our service specialists will then perform maintenance on all Liebert air conditioning systems that will help you reach the performance benchmarks that your IT rooms require.

Energy Efficiency

VASEY takes into consideration energy savings in the assessment of your cooling needs. This goes hand in hand with cost efficiency. We recommend different types of Liebert cooling systems that can best provide an optimal environment for your server rooms. It ranges from ceiling or liquid chilling, wall-mounted, and stand-alone chilling systems. VASEY makes sure that your computer rooms have energy-efficient systems proportionate to your performance requirements.

Consistent Uptime

VASEY knows that your data center needs consistent uptime because a lot of users depend on it. With cooling systems that supplement the performance of your equipment, downtime and data compromise can be avoided. We can perform maintenance on all Liebert cooling systems that are scalable and highly reliable in providing an efficient environment that will help provide steady uptime in your computer room. These server room air conditioning systems can also be increased in capacity to match your cooling needs.

Expertise and Experience

Being one of the leading commercial HVAC service providers in Indiana, VASEY has years of experience and expertise in providing the most optimal cooling systems for your IT rooms. We provide cooling solutions that are beneficial to our clients at every level. We not only install them but also monitor issues for preventive maintenance to ensure that technical problems and mechanical breakdowns are avoided before they happen.

VASEY services all Liebert commercial data room air handling equipment throughout Indiana in Kokomo, Bloomington, Terre Haute, Columbus, Richmond, Lafayette, Muncie, Indianapolis, Anderson, Plainfield, Carmel and Fishers.

If you have questions about your data room cooling needs, please complete the short form below or contact VASEY today at (317) 873-2512 to learn more.