Our Response to the COVID-19 Virus

>>Our Response to the COVID-19 Virus
Our Response to the COVID-19 Virus2020-06-22T15:47:21-04:00

We have all experienced the unprecedented response to the COVID-19 virus. Precautions and policies are now in place throughout the country to limit the spread of this dangerous virus. Here at Vasey, we have also established new protocols and precautions to keep our employees and customers safe. We are actively monitoring developments and safety information related to the Coronavirus and are following guidelines from public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the state of Indiana.

In response Vasey Commercial has initiated the following procedures:

  • Installation of portable hand sanitizers in our fleet of vans and service vehicles so our technicians can follow the recommended sanitizing of their hands during their normal workday.
  • Installation of hand sanitizers in multiple locations within the offices of Vasey Commercial.
  • Supply Personnel with masks and gloves.
  • Requiring employees to stay at home if they are feeling sick.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, objects, door handles and touchpads daily.
  • Completing and submitting onsite questionnaires for visitors and vendors initiated by our customers.
  • Require all personnel to comply with customer onsite rules as they apply.
  • Furnishing all employees with copies of the CDC COVID-19 publication on definition, symptom identification, and prevention measures.

In addition, we would like to state that there is no evidence at this time indicating that the Coronavirus can be spread through HVAC systems. There is an extremely low risk that a virus spore transmitted by a cough or sneeze could travel through the return air ductwork, pass through the filters, and then be reintroduced into the space by the supply air ductwork.

In the event business closures occur within our community, Vasey will work with you to reschedule your maintenance inspection and ensure your equipment is ready for the hot summer months ahead. Should our supply chain for equipment and parts be affected, we will work to source alternate suppliers to fill the void.

We will continue to provide world class services to you, our valued customers, to keep your HVAC and plumbing systems operating as designed. Vasey wishes both you and our vendors a healthy and safe passage through this very difficult and trying time.