Team Member Spotlight: Jon Toney

>>Team Member Spotlight: Jon Toney

Team Member Spotlight: Jon Toney

Meet Jon Toney, who helps in Dispatch, trying to route the best course for technicians, working in tandem with the sales team, quoting team, and service supervisors. Having been with VASEY since March 2021, Jon’s favorite memory over the past year and a half is the 2022 Annual Awards Ceremony honoring team members and company accomplishments because everyone enjoyed one another’s company and people were in good spirits. In addition to Dispatch, Jon has the challenging task of managing all of VASEY’s devices – iPhones and iPads. In the future, he will be an integral part of the transition to a paperless system.

Jon enjoys working at VASEY because it is a fun work environment, and everyone brings something new to the table. According to Jon, “Complacency does not exist here, because no two days are alike.” He appreciates the opportunity to learn something new and that there is always someone willing to help.

When he’s not at VASEY, Jon enjoys hanging out with friends, checking out events, and going to concerts. He has an Australian Shepherd named Gypsy, and a cat named Margho. He also just recently got two ferrets, Blitzo and Stolas. Yep, you guessed it. Jon is an animal lover!

Jon’s list of favorites include pizza because of how versatile the ingredients can be; Baseball because it’s fun to play; and boxing because it’s fun to watch. His hobbies include learning musical instruments (acoustic guitar, bass, and French horn – so far) and messing with Virtual Reality. His favorite movie? The 1987 classic American comedy horror film, Evil Dead 2. For music, his favorite genre is Alternative Rock.

Jon was born in Plattsburgh, New York, a scenic community along the northwestern shore of Lake Champlain. Since he came from a military family, he spent a lot of time growing up at various Air Force bases. Jon grew up in Russiaville, Indiana. His parents moved there in 1998.

Fun and little known facts about Jon? He spent four years in the Navy, where he dealt with Aviation Logistics on the USS Harry S. Truman. Then six years in the Army National Guard, where he worked in Communications. He also spent a year as a recruiter during that period. During his time in the service, Jon traveled to Greece, Bahrain, Dubai, France, Kuwait, and Syria. According to Jon, his favorite place, “I would say Greece was my favorite place to visit. There were so many amazing sights at each location, but Greece just had so much life to it. People in the streets, music, amazing smells. I will never forget it!”

One of Jon’s many last talents: he is Cyber Security qualified. In his spare time, he enjoys taking electronics apart, either to fix them, or just see what makes them work.

Jon, we’re glad to have you be apart of the VASEY team. It’s because of you and other team members, that we are so successful. We appreciate all your hard work and keeping us “connected.”

Be sure to check out the cool pics of his travels and his pets!

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