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VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter

Emergency or Not, Do You Know the Telltale Signs?

VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter

Since clogs usually develop slowly over time, drain issues can quickly sneak up and become a major problem if left unattended. A clogged drain can produce one or more of the following negative side effects:

Dirty water is a breeding ground for bacteria which poses a health risk to you, your customers, and your employees.
Unpleasant odors, a byproduct of untreated clogs, can develop because of stagnating water, trapped food, and other decaying waste.
Poor drainage interrupts your operations; causing drains to run slower or in severe cases cause the water to backup and overflow.
Health risks to sufferers of airborne allergies and asthma can experience irritation when breathing.
Leaks resulting from blocked pipes can lead to greater issues with walls and floors such as staining, warping, mold, and mildew.

VASEY provides drain maintenance 24/7/365. Call us for an occasional need or set-up a regular maintenance program covering every drain at or within your facility. Remember, VASEY services and supports all types of drains such as

Downspots HDPE Drains Sewer Drains and Cleaning
Floor Drains Plumbing Drains Storm Drains
French Drains Point Drains Trench Drains
Grease Drains Sanitary Sink Drains    

So, the next time you need drain work, don’t worry! Think Vasey, your drain experts! Call us 24/7/365 at 317.873.2512.

VASEY Donates to the Zionsville Food Pantry

VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter

VASEY Commercial Facility Solutions values and actively donates their time and energy to the community. On June 11, 2020, a team from VASEY helped their neighbor – Zionsville Presbyterian Church (ZPC) and the Zionsville Food Pantry unload and organize more than 11,000 pounds of food.

ZPC manages and operates the Zionsville Food Pantry – one of the few food pantries available in Boone County. The Zionsville Food Pantry is managed and organized by volunteers, feeding more than a hundred families every week.

In addition to food drives and donations, the Zionsville Food Pantry gets much of their food from the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Gleaners supplies items to hunger relief agencies like the Zionsville Food Pantry and schools throughout 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana. Gleaners estimates that 1 in 7 Hoosiers are hungry and struggle with food insecurity.

It’s the strong ties and cooperation between communities and corporations like VASEY, that help those in need. Watch members of the VASEY crew in action at the Zionsville Food Pantry (below).

If you can help the Zionsville Food Pantry with monetary donations, volunteer opportunities or other possible needs, email the Food Pantry Team at foodpantry@zpc.org for details.

VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter
VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter   VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter
VASEY Newsletter
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