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Our Industry’s Tweepadock

Most people have heard of the American sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory" (TV series 2007-2019). In S07E02, we hear a new word, "tweepadock," which is another name for an elephant. According to Urban slang, tweepadock means "something obvious."

For the HVAC industry, our tweepadock is battling with supply chain shortages. For example, our suppliers used to deliver HVAC units in 12-16 weeks. Now the average has bumped up to 24 to 32 weeks. Even the parts to repair units are 4-5 months out. We’ve had to wait as many as 10 days, to get an estimate from a vendor because they don’t know their supply capabilities – even on parts orders. Here’s the kicker. It’s not just affecting VASEY; it’s happening industry-wide. Needless to say, it’s frustrating for us and you.

Calling out the tweepadock, we thought we should share what we’re doing to combat shortages and working on your behalf.

VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter
ALTERNATE SOLUTIONS: On a case-by-case basis we are finding or creating alternative solutions.
MULTIPLE VENDORS: When possible, we source products and parts via multiple vendors.
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: For example, one client needed a single 30-ton unit (which was out of stock at the factory). After double checking the engineering and output efficiencies, we figured out we could substitute two 15-ton units already in stock. While that may not be a workable solution in every circumstance, we are trying to find work-a-rounds.
NATIONWIDE: In the past, parts could be ordered direct from a manufacturer. Now we are sourcing surplus parts nationwide, even if it means a greater expense for VASEY.
FABRICATE: When possible, we fabricate sheet metal and other items in-house. Too often, if we wait until the manufacturer can fulfill an order, the warranty has expired by the time we get it.

Rest assured; we are doing everything possible to win the supply shortage battle. Whether it’s in the form of phone calls, meeting with manufacturers and/or their representatives, or using good old-fashioned ingenuity. If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter

VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter
VASEY Facility Solutions Newsletter
VASEY Newsletter
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