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VASEY Facility Solutions - Commercial HVACVASEY Facility Solutions - Commercial HVAC
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VASEY Online Non-Emergency Customer Service Request Form

VASEY now offers an Online Service Request Form for NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE REQUESTS 24/7/365. This online form is for non-emergency requests only.

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It’s Simple: We Make Your Buildings Work Better.
Complete Commercial Facility Solutions for Businesses and Nonprofits

Most people only notice a facility’s system like HVAC and plumbing when something goes wrong. The temperature is uncomfortable, the humidity is unbearable, there’s an annoying noise, a pipe is leaking or a toilet overflowing. They call for help and wait for a solution … and wait.

VASEY believes there’s a better way. We provide central Indiana with comprehensive facility services that you’ll probably never notice … because we keep everything working properly.

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We’d Rather Prevent Than Fix Problems

We fix problems quickly, but we think it’s smarter to keep them from happening in the first place. So, we emphasize preventive maintenance. By regularly checking, testing, and cleaning your systems, we keep them at top performance and address issues before they become problems. You’re far less likely to experience breakdowns … or delays while a technician waits for a replacement part.

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We Take the Risk, You Get the Relief

With VASEY’s exclusive GLP (Guaranteed Lifetime Protection) Program, you pay one affordable annual fee, and we assume complete responsibility for keeping your equipment in optimum condition. Since we assume the risk for any problems, we have an incentive to keep everything in good working order. If something needs to be replaced, we replace it at no extra cost to you.

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Less Hassle and Greater Value

VASEY delivers greater ROI (Return on Investment) with predictable costs and better reliability. Instead of guessing what you’ll pay this year, you’ll know. Choosing us gives you:

  • Predictable Maintenance and Operation Costs
  • Reduced Administrative Worries
  • Extended Facility Life
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Fewer Breakdowns
  • Stress-free Solutions
  • Peace of Mind
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