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VASEY’s Work for Our Clients

VASEY has extensive experience at delivering cost-effective systems and services to a wide range of clients. The best way to give you a sense of what we can bring to you is to share what we’ve done for others through these case studies.


Rescuing Critical Production and Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

A global market leader in container manufacturing, specializes in creating sustainable and reusable logistics packaging solutions. With over 70 years of experience, the container manufacturer provides a wide range of plastic pallets, customizable boxes/containers including collapsible, folding, hazardous goods, large capacity, nestable, stackable, thermoforming and more.


Custom Engineered Nitrogen Testing Solution for Clean Room Environment

With a steadfast commitment to delivering superior products and services, SMC has established itself as a trusted partner in the industrial automation sector. This case study explains VASEY’s custom engineered nitrogen testing solution for SMC’s ISO-classified clean room environment.


Applebee’s Restaurants

Imagine. You’re the restaurant manager at Indiana’s top grossing Applebee’s restaurant. It’s your peak service time. You hear hustling, bustling and laughter. Indoor customers are enjoying their meals, planning their weekend activities, and keeping socially distant. Carryout, curbside pick-up, and delivery orders are flying out the door – left and right. Then, BAM it hits! Your sanitary sewer line clogs and it’s backing up.


Pharmaceutical Compounding

Build sterile cleanrooms units to account for extreme temperature and humidity differentials since the modular units are leased anywhere in the United States. For example, a unit that is in Tampa, Florida, may be relocated to Seattle, Washington, within the next year. Circulate 100% outside air to prevent any cross-contamination, keeping the compounding teams safe.


Plasma Centers

On the Edge. Zero Tolerance. Critical Conditions. A zero tolerance for error under critical conditions is the perfect description for blood plasma and its storage. Blood plasma care is a specialized, high-risk environment where the temperature and storage of plasma is vital to its many potential uses in the medical industry. So specialized that the proper...


Toyota Server Room

Toyota Industrial Equipment has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011. The Toyota’s server room cooling system connected to production ceased operation. Consequently, the server was overheating. If left unattended the server would crash and production would come to a halt. VASEY received an emergency service call in the middle of the night. With VASEY’s...


Midwest Supplier

Serving the market for almost 115 years and covering approximately eight to ten Midwestern states, VASEY’s client manufacturers and provides wholesale equipment and supplies to both the industrial and the consumer markets. VASEY’s client had 20 individual/independent heating units in their 135,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Ten out of the 20 heating units were broken...