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Project Description


This manufacturing facility has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2015.


VASEY obtained this client via a referral. The customer was not satisfied with their existing contractor. They wanted a price for maintenance on and repairs to their existing systems. They had already received one competitive bid to simply fix and repair what they had.

The customer was using residential grade equipment in a commercial, manufacturing and production-type building. It consisted of nine split systems. Since both the business and building are privately held, the owner plans to pass down everything to the next generation. The work environment was laden with oil and an airborne mist which literally dripped from the ceiling fixtures. The customer was insistent on getting an estimate for a new maintenance agreement only.


After a detailed analysis, VASEY determined the money required to repair and maintain the aging system would be better invested toward a new system installation which would significantly improve the work environment. With the proper system, much of the old equipment could be removed to free-up space on the production floor. As a result, VASEY proposed two commercial roof top units that would sit outside on the ground.

End Result

The new system properly filters the air. It makes employees more comfortable. It lowers their repair and maintenance costs. With a production process that produces a fine oil mist, VASEY focused on getting a proper air turnover in the building. VASEY designed and built filter boxes that have three stages of filtration: washable filters, pleated filters and bag filters. VASEY created a safer, cleaner and more comfortable work environment for the employees while reducing the building owner’s cost of operation.

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