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Project Description


Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011.


Toyota Industrial Equipment installed an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) package unit years ago above their paint booth. Given its proximity to the welding department, it couldn’t be serviced or cleaned and performed poorly based on specifications. Toyota also experienced a quality control issue with paint bubbling. The issue was traced back to higher levels of humidity in production.


The industrial manufacturer contacted VASEY to help solve the problem. Since the location of the existing paint booth unit was inaccessible and didn’t function well, a new unit needed to be installed. Due to the weight of the new unit, the installation required more than just setting a unit on the roof and installing new ductwork. VASEY enlisted a structural engineer and built a $70,000 steel structure just to house the new unit on the roof.

End Result

The paint bubbling issue was eliminated which increased the quality and consistency according to the end user’s specifications.

Review Case Study

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