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Project Description


Pioneer Hybrid, an agribusiness, had a traveling progress show. Due to the extensive summer heat, air conditioning for the tents was an absolute necessity.


In order maintain a cool temperature in the tents, the cost for Pioneer Hybrid to rent the AC (Air Conditioning) equipment exceeded $100,000 per event.


VASEY designed a system that could be erected for each event and then disassembled and stored in a trailer when not in use. The system could then be transported to each event and assembled on site over and over again, negating the need for renting equipment. VASEY provided a $150,000.00 one-time solution.

End Result

With VASEY’s portable and storable system, the agribusiness’ costs were reduced from $100,000 per event to $35,000 per event – a significant payback that’s been in effect since 2006.

VASEY has the unique capability to tackle and solve odd and challenging applications.

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