Team Member Spotlight – Monica Buckner

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Meet Monica Buckner, our Accounts Payable Supervisor at VASEY. She's a vibrant individual with a wealth of experience both inside and outside the office. With her warm personality and dedication to her role, Monica has quickly become a valuable member of the VASEY team. With six months under her belt at VASEY, Monica has already shown her expertise in her role as an Accounts Payable Supervisor. Her responsibilities include matching purchase orders to invoices, entering invoices into the system, and cutting the checks to ensure all payments are processed seamlessly. Although she may not have a standout memorable moment at VASEY just yet, Monica's commitment to her work and her colleagues is evident every day. Monica's journey at VASEY has been exclusively in the finance [...]

VASEY Family Outing at ZooBoo!

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VASEY Facility Solutions, a company known for its dedication to its team members, recently celebrated this commitment by hosting a family outing at the Indianapolis Zoo. With over 200 family members in attendance, this event was a testament to VASEY's values and its unwavering support for its team members. The Indianapolis Zoo, a beloved institution in the heart of Indiana, provided the perfect backdrop for this special occasion. The event took place in the Dolphin Room, a fitting setting for a day filled with laughter, bonding, and shared experiences. The event attracted not just VASEY team members but also well over one hundred of their family members. The presence of family members added a special dimension to the [...]

Can Touchless Fixtures Help Your Commercial Building Facility Save Money?

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While the initial investment in touchless fixtures may be higher compared to traditional fixtures, the long-term cost savings and benefits they provide can outweigh the upfront expenses. It's important to consider factors such as water and energy rates, maintenance costs, and user needs when assessing the potential cost savings associated with touchless fixtures for a specific commercial building facility. Touchless fixtures, such as touchless faucets and sensor-operated toilets, are designed to minimize water wastage. These fixtures only activate when needed, reducing the risk of faucets or toilets being left running accidentally. This water-saving feature can lead to significant reductions in water consumption, resulting in lower water bills for the facility. They often incorporate energy-saving technologies. For example, touchless faucets are typically equipped with sensors that [...]

Team Member Spotlight – Clay Runshe

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Meet Clay Runshe, a.k.a. our resident "mad scientist" and Project Sales Representative. Clay brings a unique perspective to his role. His dedication to serviceability, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made him an important member of the VASEY team since joining us in 2016.Clay's HVAC journey traces back to the late 1960s when he worked in his father's HVAC business. From fabricating sheet metal to installing residential HVAC systems and servicing commercial refrigeration systems, Clay honed his skills and gained invaluable insights into the trade. His firsthand experience servicing equipment included encountering poorly designed systems. These design flaws taught him the importance of prioritizing serviceability in his own projects.Drawing from his own knuckle-cutting, frustrating experiences as a service technician, Clay has cultivated [...]

Summer Heat Can Cause Huge Stress on Your HVAC Systems

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During the summer, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are subjected to increased stress due to the extreme heat. Here are some factors that contribute to this stress: Higher Cooling Demands As temperatures rise, people rely more on air conditioning to maintain comfortable indoor environments. This increased demand for cooling puts a significant load on HVAC systems, causing them to work harder and for more extended periods. Temperature Differential HVAC systems operate by removing heat from indoor spaces and expelling it outside. In hot weather, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments is more significant, making it more challenging for the system to transfer heat efficiently. Continuous Operation HVAC systems often run continuously during hot summer months to maintain desired indoor temperatures. [...]

Do You Need a Theft Monitor for Your Condensing Unit?

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Theft of residential and commercial condensing units is on the rise. A hundred dollars’ worth of "scrap" copper could cost your organization thousands of dollars and a lot of inconvenience to replace your outdoor condensing units. The price of copper has more than doubled in the past few years and thieves are out to steal or gut condensing units wherever they can find them. Why are my Condenser Units a Target for Thieves? Valuable Components HVAC systems have components that can be stolen and sold for recycling or spare parts. Recycling companies and junk yards often buy copper coils from HVAC systems with no questions asked. HVAC Units are Usually Located in Isolated Areas of Your Property External HVAC units are typically located outside of [...]

Did You Know that VASEY Offers Commercial Plumbing Services?

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Did you know that VASEY offers commercial and industrial plumbing and piping services? Services include scheduled preventive maintenance and testing, non-maintenance service work and small projects. Preventive Maintenance and Testing Services comprise work on Water Heaters, Domestic Boilers, Backflow Protection, Fixtures and Faucets, Sanitary & Grease Waste, Sewer Ejector Pumps, Life Station, and Sump Pumps. Our services also include Plumbing. Sewer and Drain Cleaning; Camera Line Inspections & Pipe Locating Service; Process Piping; and Design Build projects. We also perform consulting services including Project Planning, Estimating/Budgeting, and Project Management. VASEY is committed to helping our clients optimize their buildings and their budgets. Need commercial plumbing services? Think VASEY!

VASEY Celebrates Achievement!

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This year’s awards banquet was held at the 502 East Event Centre, in Carmel, Indiana on Saturday, March 11. Team members and their spouses and significant others were treated to an evening of fun, food, and festivities. The evening kicked off with a live band, The Juan Douglas Trio (JD3), refreshments and appetizers. JD3, a local band, provided three part vocal harmony with guitar, trumpet, flute and various rhythmic gadgets, and entertained us with sing-along music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. At VASEY, our team members – sales, projects, technicians, admin, dispatch, purchasing, accounting, human resources, and management – are vital to our success. Our amazing technicians, being in direct contact with our customers are talented, relationship-driven partners. We have team members who have [...]

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