Touchless Fixtures from Now On!

Touchless Fixtures from Now On!

Touchless fixtures are the future and the future is now!

Touchless fixtures such as faucets, auto-flush, soap and tissue dispensers, and hand dryers are quickly becoming essential to provide a healthier work environment in commercial facilities. Touch free fixtures improve hygiene for team members and customers, reduce operating costs, conserve water and energy, and provide pleasing aesthetics.

With appropriate electronic sensor devices, quality training and posted reminders for healthy hygiene practices, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of absorbing pathogens via the mucous membranes or passing them on to others.

Restrooms with manual faucets, flushers dispensers and dryers, are a prime breeding ground for germs. Touchless devices offer sanitary, hands-free operation. They only dispense product when the sensor detects a user and they can also limit the duration of delivery.

Touchless Fixtures are an ideal option for areas such as medical, food service and wash/scrub sinks. Other applications include restrooms, kitchens, healthcare, restaurants, clean rooms, food processing, shopping centers, K-12 schools, universities, churches and other commercial, industrial, and institutional uses.

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