Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?

It’s a FACT! Our technician traveled to a nearby church — the before, a draft inducer, barely held together by spittle, rust, and dirt. The draft inducer is designed specifically to ensure that combustion gases are vented properly out of the furnace to the outside.

We called the manufacturer. The lead time to order and ship a new fan – a whopping EIGHT weeks!! That means, the church would be affected in the months of October through December – without proper air circulation.

We all know how fickle Mother Nature can be in Indiana. We weren’t satisfied with status quo. Our solution? We built a new fan 100% from scratch and the system was up and running in a week.

At VASEY, we have the tools, equipment, and brainpower to think outside the box and customize solutions to meet our customers’ exact specifications. Our customer was thrilled, and we were able to save them a substantial amount of money.

When you find yourself in a challenging heating and cooling situation, call VASEY.

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