Sometimes You Just Need a Tune-Up!

Sometimes You Just Need a Tune-Up!

Free Methodist Church/World Ministry Center has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2014.

They have struggled with their building for years – rising utility and maintenance costs with little to no increase in performance. Another service provider couldn’t provide any solutions for their past and present issues.

Over a series of multiple service calls, one of VASEY’s highly skilled, trained and experienced technicians analyzed the existing system and increased the power circuit from 70 to 100 percent. Additionally, VASEY performed several retrofits and upgrades without replacing the core system.

VASEY could have capitalized on an unneeded and expensive retrofit. That wasn’t in Free Methodist’s best interest. VASEY continued to support their existing 20-year-old equipment. Simply by bringing the existing system up to maximum performance and implementing a full-service maintenance agreement, the system’s efficiency and performance were restored. As a result, Free Methodist’s utility bills and maintenance costs were drastically reduced.

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