How Can Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Help You?

How Can Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Help You?

Recently, during a proactive/preventive maintenance (PM) check, our technician reported issues with two aging HVAC units at a customer’s facility. Typically, the average lifespan of an HVAC unit is 10-15 years. However, with Vasey’s PM, we extended the lifespan of each unit to 20 years.

Because our customer, a leading Sealing Technologies Manufacturer, had a Guaranteed Lifetime Protection (GLP) plan in place, VASEY replaced both rooftop units (before failure) at no additional cost.

To replace the roof-top units we used the assistance of a very large crane for the installation of the new units.

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With our exclusive Guaranteed Lifetime Protection (GLP) Program, our customers pay one affordable annual fee and we assume complete responsibility for keeping equipment in tip-top shape.

Through the GLP plan our customer benefited by

  • Extending the HVAC units’ shelf life an additional five years
  • Old units replaced at no additional cost
  • No added labor and installation cost (including the crane)
  • No comfort disruption – new units installed before old units failed
  • No sudden and unexpected capital expense
  • Customer saved money and reduced maintenance worries.

Start saving today. Call VASEY to learn more about our GLP and Preventive Maintenance Programs.

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