Team Member Spotlight – Julie Rusaw

>>Team Member Spotlight – Julie Rusaw

Team Member Spotlight – Julie Rusaw

Meet Julie Rusaw. Julie, with VASEY for just over three years, is our Accounts Receivable Specialist. She answers customers’ invoice-related questions, posts payments and she’s the resident Excel maven. Her most memorable moment – her first company party and meeting other team members and their partners as she’d only been with VASEY a couple of months.

According to Julie – customers choose VASEY over the competition because VASEY is more like a partner in their businesses rather than just a vendor. Plus, VASEY always goes the extra mile to maintain good relationships.

Want to strike up a conversation? Just ask her about her family, cooking or designing and getting tattoos. She and her husband have been married 20 years. They have two girls, ages 19 and 18, both of whom are at college, BSU and USI. Their fur baby is Molly – a pit bull/chocolate lab mix. And while her daughter’s away at college, she takes care of the guinea pig, Gaston (like the Beauty and the Beast).

She is a bit of a movie buff and loves finding and making obscure quotes.

After high school, Julie went into the Army and trained in two different fields. With a degree in accounting, Julie is a voracious learner and she’s always finding something new to learn. That’s how she became the official Excel guru at the office.

A native of Flint, Michigan, Julie was stationed in Indianapolis after her stint with the Army. Taking her mom’s loving advise, she decided to stay in Indy in hope of better opportunities. As a result, she’s been a permanent resident since 1992.

According to Julie, she’s NEVER met a stranger. She talks to everyone. An example, in her senior year of high school, Phil Donahue came to Flint, Michigan to do a two-episode story on the relationship between General Motors and the city of Flint. The 1989 American documentary film, Roger & Me, depicted the regional and economic impact of Roger Smith’s (then CEO of GM) action of closing several auto plants in her hometown. Julie was an audience participant speaking about Flint and her feelings about what was happening and how it impacted the community.

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