VASEY Solves Building Issues!

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VASEY Solves Building Issues!

A building located at 3737 North Meridian, owned by Mays Property Management Company, has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2014.

With multiple types of tenants (doctors, lawyers, and dentists offices) Mays Property lacked proper temperature control over their individual offices. The fluctuations created an uncomfortable environment for the property owner’s tenants as well as for the tenants’ clientele. Overall, the building lacked consistent attention of the mechanical systems which promoted uneven heating and cooling. The property owner was installing stop-gap systems to supplement the degraded central air system rather than refurbishing the existing systems that were in place.

VASEY is gradually replacing the Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes throughout the building. The VAV boxes spin off the main trunk line and help distribute the air into the individual offices thereby creating zoned spaces. Many ductwork issues were discovered and corrected due to inconsistencies created by poor installation.

The improved system modulates air flow to each of the designated zones or offices. Additionally, the VAV boxes allow individuals the ability to easily adjust their office temperatures to warmer or cooler settings without affecting their “neighbors” and experience better air ventilation. With ongoing preventative maintenance, VASEY can continue to protect the health and operation of the existing system.

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