Alex, Local Trivia for $500 Please…

Alex, Local Trivia for $500 Please…

What museum has 1.2 million annual attendance, a 489,000-square-foot indoor museum, 13 permanent and four temporary exhibit galleries, 12 outdoor sports experiences, a collection of 130,000 artifacts and specimens, 300 full-time and part-time employees, and 585 active volunteers?

The Answer: What is the Indianapolis Children’s Museum?

VASEY Commercial Facility Solutions celebrated its emphasis on family-work life balance by hosting a celebration at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. With more than 200 family members in attendance, VASEY proudly hosted the incredible and full-spread, picnic-like event for its team members.

With the Star Wars theme, “May the 4th Be with You,” children saw Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Storm Troopers – up close and in person. Although, Emperor Palpatine had the smallest line for photo opportunities – Hmm, we wonder why? Never fear, Rick Cope, our Director of Project Sales wasn’t bashful (upper left-hand corner).

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To learn more about VASEY, click here.

To discover more about the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, click here.

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