Team Member Spotlight – Kevin McDonald!

>>Team Member Spotlight – Kevin McDonald!

Team Member Spotlight – Kevin McDonald!

Meet Kevin McDonald. Kevin was promoted to Project Manager nine months ago. He provides customers with replacement solutions for their HVAC systems. On July 1 of this year, Kevin will celebrate his 19th work anniversary. For his first 18 years with VASEY, he expertly served as a HVAC technician.

Here at VASEY, we value our team members, their thoughts, and opinions. We asked Kevin a few questions about why he liked working at VASEY. In Kevin’s own words, “VASEY is a very welcoming environment with a stable and steady workload. In general, it is usually very laid back. I can only speak from my experience, but VASEY challenged my abilities by increasing my responsibilities. The management team provided ample resources and training to help me become a good manager. My favorite part about working at VASEY is being able to help and serve our customers.”

Kevin’s primary hobby is riding his motorcycle. He has one dog named Flash. His favorite sport is football and currently his music of choice is Christian Rock.

After high school, Kevin decided to attend trade school. In his earlier years, Kevin lived in New England, New Jersey, and Florida. He came to VASEY from Orlando, Florida.

As we publish this story, it’s April 21 – 36 degrees and snowing outside. So clearly Kevin must love the change of seasons and genuinely enjoys his work at VASEY!

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