Team Member Spotlight – Tim Clapper

>>Team Member Spotlight – Tim Clapper

Team Member Spotlight – Tim Clapper

Meet July’s team member in the spotlight, Tim Clapper. Tim has worked with VASEY for almost 18 years. He is one of our talented Project Field Supervisors. He schedules teams, develops detailed material lists, contacts customers before crews are deployed, and sets up cranes for roof work. His previous expertise also includes in-field installations and plumbing.

Tim likes working for VASEY because of the great owners and his co-workers. “It’s like working for family. Good people to work with and friends I get to see daily,” states Tim.

He also believes that VASEY does an excellent job with hands-on training. He experiences unique opportunities while still being able to learn something new every day – even after 18 years. Tim shares there’s an openness and comradery amongst team members, and they continually share and discuss ways to improve with better techniques and more knowledge.

According to Tim, customers choose VASEY because they are a talented group of people. Each person in the company gives their all and they go above and beyond to make sure customers come first.

After graduating from high school, he attended four years of plumbing school and has over 28 years on jobsites – asking questions and watching other trades perform their work. Tim would be the perfect neighbor because when not at work, he enjoys helping and doing home projects for himself and his family. During the past year, Tim built a new front porch, backyard deck, and replaced the windows and siding on his house.

Tim grew up in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. His family includes his mom, Marge and his older brother Dennis (by two years), and two boxer pups, named Walter and Bella (brother and sister) who will be two years old this coming Labor Day.

An interesting Tidbit, Tim, and his brother Dennis race 1/8 Scale Remote Control (RC) cars together. Hmmm. Bet there’s a bit of competitive spirit when these two are at the helm!

Tim, thanks for all that you do for the VASEY Team!

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