Team Member Spotlight – Roger Mooney

>>Team Member Spotlight – Roger Mooney

Team Member Spotlight – Roger Mooney

Roger Mooney is a seasoned professional with an impressive 20-year tenure at VASEY, where he currently holds the title of Sales Manager. Throughout his career, Roger has played a pivotal role in the company, wearing many hats and diving into various aspects of the business.

One of the defining moments in Roger’s journey at VASEY was his interview with Paul Ogle (who passed in 2018), which opened the doors to a lasting friendship with Bill Vasey (Founder) himself. Roger’s dedication and willingness to take on any challenge led him through different roles within the company, including stints as a Maintenance Sales Representative, and a two-year tenure as a Service Manager. He also played an integral role in a recent software transition and eagerly takes on any other responsibilities that come his way, exemplifying his commitment to the team.

When asked about VASEY as a company, Roger is quick to highlight its unique opportunities for team members. He emphasizes that VASEY’s diverse range of services allows employees to explore and find their best fit within the organization. Whether you start as a plumber or venture into building automation, the company fosters an environment where personal growth is encouraged.

Roger’s approach to team member development mirrors VASEY’s culture of continuous education. While the trades often rely on self-development, VASEY supplements this with a number of company-sponsored training opportunities as well as collaborations with trusted suppliers.

Outside of his professional life, Roger leads an adventurous and fulfilling lifestyle. He’s an enthusiast of dirt biking in picturesque mountain landscapes, skilled in One Wheel skateboarding, and enjoys exhilarating motorcycle trips on his trusty Goldwing. Roger is also a mushroom hunting aficionado and an avid supporter of live music. When it comes to the kitchen, he loves experimenting with offbeat recipes.

Roger is the proud father of a wonderful son named Sean. While there are no furry friends in the household at the moment, he’s a true dog person and holds Labradors and Shepherds in highest regard. When it comes to cats, Roger believes the best feline companions are those that take care of their business outdoors!

Roger’s favorite pastimes encompass a wide spectrum, from savoring a diverse array of foods to cheering for any kind of racing event. His love for dirt biking extends beyond just watching, as he relishes the camaraderie of fellow riders. He’s an aficionado of Marvel movies and documentaries and has a broad taste in music, appreciating genres spanning from the 70s to the 90s, although he believes today’s music falls a bit short.

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Originally hailing from Greenfield and Martinsville, Indiana, Roger now calls Broad Ripple home, although he admits it’s been quite a culture shock. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Roger has an impressive list of personal achievements. He used to race BMX and dirt drag race sand rails. Before his current role, he was a skilled welder in a fabrication shop.

One of Roger’s most heartwarming accomplishments is his role as a “Big Brother” in the Big Brother Big Sister Program. Over a year ago, he joined the program and has been mentoring an 11-year-old named Dylan, providing him with unique experiences and invaluable guidance. For those looking to make a positive impact in their community, Roger highly recommends getting involved in this exceptional program.

His journey at VASEY has been marked by growth, and his life outside of work is a testament to his passion for exploration and giving back to the community. Roger’s impact on both VASEY and the lives he touches outside of the office reflects his commitment to excellence and making a difference. Great job, Roger!

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