VASEY Team Contributing to the ZPC Zionsville Food Pantry

>>VASEY Team Contributing to the ZPC Zionsville Food Pantry

VASEY Team Contributing to the ZPC Zionsville Food Pantry

On January 12, 2024, a dedicated team from VASEY actively participated in helping their neighbor, the Zionsville Food Pantry and Distribution Center, unload and organize a staggering 10,500 pounds of food into the pantry’s new cold storage area.

Founded by the Zionsville Presbyterian Church (ZPC), the Zionsville Food Pantry operates as one of the few food pantries available in Boone County. Managed and organized by volunteers, the pantry plays a vital role in feeding more than a hundred families every week. The VASEY team’s involvement goes beyond a single event, as they had previously contributed by assembling the pantry’s new walk-in refrigerator and freezer late last year.

The impact of VASEY’s efforts is appreciable, as expressed by Catherine Coscia, a member of the Leadership Team at the Zionsville Food Pantry: “Please communicate our gratitude for a great time of unloading. 10,500 pounds moved so efficiently! The walk-in freezer and fridge are game changers for us. I hope you were able to sense our joy! We so appreciate each one of you!”

The addition of the new cold storage area, including a walk-in freezer and fridge, is described as a game-changer for the Zionsville Food Pantry. These facilities not only enhance the efficiency of food storage but also significantly contribute to the pantry’s capacity to serve the community effectively.

VASEY’s involvement is part of a broader community effort to address food insecurity. The Zionsville Food Pantry, in addition to receiving support from local initiatives and food drives, also benefits from the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Gleaners plays a crucial role in supplying items to hunger relief agencies like the Zionsville Food Pantry, as well as schools across 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana.

The collaboration between VASEY and the Zionsville Food Pantry exemplifies the strength of ties and cooperation between communities and corporations. It underscores the importance of such partnerships in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

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