Team Member Spotlight: Sean Mooney

>>Team Member Spotlight: Sean Mooney

Team Member Spotlight: Sean Mooney

Say hello to Sean Mooney, one of our Modular Clean Room Installation Technicians. Currently, as an installation technician, Sean installs and tests HVAC and plumbing systems for modular clean rooms built in tandem with Modular Devices.

While Sean started with VASEY in early 2022, he began working in the commercial plumbing division. While in plumbing, his most memorable event was a project for Aearo Technologies that required he and others to work 24-hours straight to fix a broken sewer line.

When asked, “Why should someone join the VASEY team?”, Sean states, “The reasons are numerous. There are many opportunities and paths within VASEY to find what you like to do. The team is very supportive and helpful in finding the perfect fit. Additional training courses are available to continue learning. Also, you get a chance to work in other areas, developing different skills sets that you might not have access to otherwise.” Sean appreciates the opportunity to learn and practice multiple trades (HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical), which makes each day interesting.

Sean loves the laid back and friendly work environment. Everyone is kind and helpful. When asked why customers choose VASEY, Sean states because our people are experienced with unmatched engineering talent.

Sean is a true renaissance man – a single bachelor, he enjoys glassblowing, playing guitar, and hiking. His favorite food is Chicken Carbonara. His favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee. As for movies, it’s Avengers: Endgame. Finally, his favorite music includes classic rock, especially Pink Floyd.

Little known facts about Sean: he is an Eagle Scout, tutored advanced math, and was voted best public speaker in high school. Sean grew up in Mooresville, Indiana.

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