Team Member Spotlight: Jacob Baugher

>>Team Member Spotlight: Jacob Baugher

Team Member Spotlight: Jacob Baugher

Say hello to Jacob Baugher, one of our commercial service plumbers. Currently, as a plumber, Jacob diagnoses, installs, and services commercial plumbing systems.

Jacob started working for VASEY in August 2021. When asked, “Why should someone join the VASEY team?”, Jacob states, “It’s a tight-knit family of intelligent techs. Laid back, fun and there is always more work.”

Jacob appreciates the opportunity to learn. He has completed his Backflow Prevention Certification and he’s also completed the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Training Program.

When asked, “Why do you think customers choose VASEY over the competition?”, Jacob states, “We’re friendly, easy to approach. Honesty up front and we perform great work.”

When not at work Jacob likes to play video games, camping, hiking, and computers. While a bachelor, Jacob has three siblings and two cats. He spent part of his childhood growing up in Brown County, Indiana.

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