Tight Spaces, Small Places – No Problem!

Tight Spaces, Small Places – No Problem!

Recently, VASEY Commercial Facility Solutions hosted a Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) meeting at a client’s facility, Modular Devices, Inc. Modular Devices manufactures mobile Cath and CT lab units which are available to rent or purchase. Cleanroom Design LLC is an industry expert in cleanroom consultation, design, engineering, construction and installation of turnkey cleanroom applications.

The portable labs (manufactured by Modular Devices) require state-of-the-art technology and health-protecting equipment to fit into a small footprint. The 50 million-dollar question, what’s the best way to heat, cool, and purify the environment while maximizing energy efficiencies? Oh, by the way, it must be done in a lab unit that’s 65 feet long by 8.5 feet wide  ̶  maximum  ̶  the same size as a semi-trailer.

By leveraging the talents of Clay Runshe (an experienced manufacturing engineer at VASEY), he provided state-of-the-art HVAC engineering and design critical to the cleanroom project. At VASEY, we consider Clay to be our resident guru, especially when it comes to solving the most vexing challenges. For example, the mobile lab units’ HVAC systems must be able to withstand 100 plus degree temperatures in Alabama as well as sub-zero temperatures in North Dakota.

VASEY successfully engineered and designed a custom HVAC system to handle the wide climate range as well as doing it in the smallest footprint possible; ultimately, keeping hospital team members and their patients safe and comfortable.

This video is just a quick highlight of the tour. Watch for further details about this extraordinary project coming soon.

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