Making Bill Estes Chevrolet More Efficient!

Bill Estes Chevrolet has been a VASEY service and project customer for 20+ years.

Over the years, the dealership has made various changes to their facility. By eliminating a large awning and removing window tint from their showroom windows a significant increase in heat load was created.

Due to a long-term relationship with the Bill Estes, VASEY volunteered to redesign the duct work and make modifications to the existing system to accommodate the dealer’s changes.

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From Abandoned Building to Prime Commercial Spot!

Package Right has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2007.

The customer wanted to resurrect an abandoned building for expansion that contained two large steam boilers. Antiquated and inefficient heating coils and fans were located at various locations throughout the building.

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VASEY Assists Toyota in Solving Quality Control Issues

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011.

Toyota Industrial Equipment installed an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) package unit years ago above their paint booth. Given its proximity to the welding department, it couldn’t be serviced or cleaned and performed poorly based on specifications. Toyota also experienced a quality control issue with paint bubbling. The issue was traced back to higher levels of humidity in production.

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