VASEY Assists Toyota in Solving Quality Control Issues

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011.

Toyota Industrial Equipment installed an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) package unit years ago above their paint booth. Given its proximity to the welding department, it couldn’t be serviced or cleaned and performed poorly based on specifications. Toyota also experienced a quality control issue with paint bubbling. The issue was traced back to higher levels of humidity in production.

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Sometimes You Just Need a Tune-Up!

Free Methodist Church/World Ministry Center has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2014.

They have struggled with their building for years – rising utility and maintenance costs with little to no increase in performance. Another service provider couldn’t provide any solutions for their past and present issues.

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New Server Room Cooling for Toyota!

Toyota Industrial Equipment has been a VASEY service and project customer since 2011.

The Toyota’s server room cooling system connected to production ceased operation. Consequently, the server was overheating. If left unattended the server would crash and production would come to a halt. VASEY received an emergency service call in the middle of the night.

With VASEY’s 24/7/365 service operation and highly skilled technicians, the server room cooling system was repaired with no adverse effect to production.

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